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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Edge: Flute Music from the Periphery of Europe

We are really pleased to announce the release of this new record by Seattle flute virtuoso Paul Taub. It is an honor to have Paul join Present Sounds Recordings for this new CD of music by composers from the former Soviet Union, with a new work for flute and string quartet by the new-music master composer Giya Kancheli.

With music from Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia, Taub takes us on a wonderful journey through a plethora of style and taste. He is joined on this recording by some of Seattle's finest musicians, and the masterful playing is well worth checking out.

An early review by the Seattle Times:

The music is alternately lyrical, eerie, rambunctious and prankish. It's always adventurous — and always approachable, whether in its beauty or in its stark drama.

For samples or to buy, click the album cover below or to your left.



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