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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TRIPTET CD-Release Party and Show

Present Sounds is happy to announce a CD-Release party and show by TRIPTET this Saturday, 9:00 PM at Egan's in Ballard, in Seattle.

This intergalactic trio is celebrating the release of their new CD - You Can See the Bottom - on the PS label.

For details on the party, click here.

To hear samples of the new CD, click here.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jesse Canterbury's Vertigo

Jesse Canterbury's Vertigo is officially available through CDBABY, take a listen and pick one up if you like it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ryan Hare's Chamber Concerto

Present Sounds artist Ryan Hare is having his Chamber Concerto performed tonight by Northwestern University's Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Tim Robblee. Ryan recorded a CD for Present Sounds in 2004 called Intrada, which is all new music for solo bassoon, composed for him. It is quite a record and a virtuosic performance.

You can check it out here to listen to samples: Intrada

Earshot Jazz Fest

Hey Friends

So be sure to check out all the shows that Earshot is offering this year. You can see their full schedule at Earshot.

And speaking of Earshot, they gave a great review to Present Sounds artists Jesse Canterbury, Greg Campbell, Brian Cobb and Tom Baker, whose recent record SAVE hit the streets a few months ago. Check out the review.

Check out SAVE at

Be sure to check out our other albums, all listed to your left!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Website!

Hello Friends and Happy Fall!

Welcome to the new website for Present Sounds Recordings. We are very excited for our new blog-style website, hopefully you will want to follow us and see what we are up to now and then. Feel free to chime in, or to take a stroll through the catalogue to your right (click on any album cover to preview or purchase).

We appreciate your support of new-music, and hope that you will find something here that you like. More to come...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three New Releases

Hello again,

Present Sounds is very proud to announce three new record releases, all coming within a few weeks of each other. We hope you will check out some sounds and maybe buy a CD or two. The catalogue is located to your right, you can order by mail on the link or you can click on any album cover to hear samples and purchase a CD. Let us know what you think.

First up: Seattle Percussion Collective, Volume 1 (PS1001)
This isa new record bya fantastically talented group from Seattle, led by percussion wizard Dale Speicher. This group has been working together for a couple of years, and has gotten an amazing amount of critical acclaim for their concerts of very difficult and modern repertoire. This disc includes works by John Cage, Christian Wolff, Tom Baker and Roger Zahab, as well as a work by Speicher. With several world premiere recordings, this is a disc not to be missed.

Next out is a new record by Triptet, You Can See the Bottom (PS1002)
A record from outer-space, or outer-outer-space. This improvising trio of Michael Monhart on saxophone, Greg Campbell on percussion and french horn, and Tom Baker on fretless guitar first played together in a Sun Ra Tribute band. Since then, they have been exploring the far cosmos and limits of free-jazz. The group recently had a very successful debut in NYC for an east-coast CD-release, and will be playing on the IsThatJazz? music festival in January of 2011. Watch for an announcement of their upcoming CD-release concert in Seattle.

Finally, our newest record: Vertigo (PS1003) - COMING SOON
Vertigo is a group led by the amazing clarinetist and composer Jesse Canterbury, and includes Chris Stover on trombone; Joanne deMars on Cello; and Tom Baker on acoustic guitar. A strange and wonderful combination of instrumental timbres, these players create a sound that is very new and unlike any other ensemble out there. With quirky and groove-based compositions by Canterbury, this record feels completely familiar and totally disorienting at the same time.